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A few words about us...

The beginning of everything happened just on impulse, in a night, after a snap decision of mine (Konstantinos) and my wife, Maria. With just 2 years of professional experience in the field of hairdressing, during which I was studying and simultaneously I was working gaining valuable experience ( one year of seasonal work at Mykonos and for 10 months at Piraeus), I made the decision for a new start in my career.

Despite my difficult financial situation and been on high risk taking, I opened my first hair salon, seeking a better future for my family. So, under the circumstances, nothing had affected me in order to finally proceed with my business step. Νeedless to say that few people believed in my effort, as they were doubtful of the successful results, partly and I, but counting on my crazy nature, I followed my favorite moto (adages) of life, which are "Who Dares, Wins" and "Have courage" and in a way, I would say this is how everything started!

Looking back, Konstantinos Kontizas hair salons were inaugurated in 2012 with first location in Salamina, 141 Salaminos Avenue. There, the first stepping stones of a rising and promising career in the artistic world of hairdressing were implemented. When it comes to the quality of our services, our philosophy focuses on meeting the needs of our clients through our commitment, love and expertise, constantly aiming at the best feasible result. The blend of all the above is the main reason for the rapid recognition of Konstantinos, owner of the enterprise, who has become widely known for his unique creations. In short, a 2 year period was enough for the development of a satisfied clientele which has led and contributed to the acceleration of our enterprise progression.

That was when fascinated by the acceptance of our first business venture in Salamina, we decided to open our wings to Thessaloniki, hometown of Konstantinos's wife, where we inaugurated our second hair salon at Markos Botsari 132 str *. Approximately a 5 year dynamic span followed in Thessaloniki while a wide range of events took place such as seminars to individuals hairdressers from Athens, Salamina and Thessaloniki, special presentations at hotels venues which were organized in association with western Thessaloniki's Hairdressers' Union and participation to the renowned "Beauty" exhibition of hairdressers-beauty experts.

Our expectations were gradually flourishing and in 2016, the prospect of opening our 3rd hair salon at Mykonos was appealing because we thought that this choice would made the difference among the others. Within a year, Konstantinos managed to stand out and he became famous for his professionalism, expertise and technical mastery skills. In addition, his unique and creative ideas have contributed to a series of strong partnerships with luxury hotels, villas and yachts!!!

In 2018, we open a new and beautifully designed store with men's and women's clothing, called "AA street fashion", which has direct access to our hair salon. We are so happy that we have created a unique place in terms of the island's infrastructure in which both women and men are provided with all our services in the same unified space!

In 2020, we take our next step in Mykonos. With the thought that the enemy of the good is the best, we open our 2nd hair salon in Mykonos, in Platys Gialos. The store is open only during the summer months, in order to cover all the increased needs that are created during that period.

And we come to 2022 where we welcomed the third and most recent member of our family to Mykonos. The hair salon in Ano Mera. Our love for what we do, but also your daily support goes one step further to make our dream come true and your service even better!!!

All in all, passion for our job, commitment and technical mastery are our useful tools with ultimate aim, your absolute satisfaction!!!

*  We would like to inform you that our shop in Thessaloniki have ceased its operation since last June (2018) due to the increased professional obligations of the owner.
The hair salon in Salamina does not currently operate under the management of Konstantinos Kontizas Hair Salons.

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