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    <div><h1><em>Konstantinos Kontizas Hair Salons</em></h1><hr width="75" /><h1><em>Ano Mera - Mykonos</em></h1></div>
    <div><h1><em>Konstantinos Kontizas Hair Salons</em></h1><hr width="75" /><h1><em>Platis Gialos - Mykonos</em></h1></div>
    <div><h1><em>Konstantinos Kontizas Hair Salons</em></h1><hr width="75" /><h1><em>Royal Myconian Collection</em></h1></div>

Konstantinos Kontizas

The beginning of everything happened just on impulse, in a night, after a snap decision of mine (Konstantinos) and my wife, Maria. With just 2 years of professional experience in the field of hairdressing, during which I was studying and simultaneously I was working gaining valuable experience ( one year of seasonal work at Mykonos and for 10 months at Piraeus), I made the decision for a new start in my career.

Despite my difficult financial situation and been on high risk taking, I opened my first hair salon, seeking a better future for my family. So, under the circumstances, nothing had affected me in order to finally proceed with my business step. ╬Łeedless to say that few people believed in my effort, as they were doubtful of the successful results, partly and I, but counting on my crazy nature, I followed my favorite moto (adages) of life, which are "Who Dares, Wins" and "Have courage" and in a way, I would say this is how everything started!

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Working Hours

Argyraina - Ano Mera - Platis Gialos

Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 21:00

Royal Myconian Collection

Monday - Sunday

08:00 - 22:00

What our customers say

  • Angeliki P.

    I feel fortunate that finally found a hair salon in Mykonos that would make the difference, not only as a place but also the know-how in the field of hairdressing ... and I will not have to go back to Athens!!!

  • John K.

    I haven't gone into another place with such a friendly warm environment, good service and professionalism towards its customers!!

  • Zoe K.

    I'm glad and I give credit because I see young people with seriousness and love in what they do, something that is seen in everyday life inside and outside the hair salon!!! When people ask me where the tourists or the locals will go to make their hair, nails or some other service, my answer is one... to the best team of course in the Konstantinos Kontizas hair salon!!!


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