Manicure / Pedicure

Manicure / Pedicure

Our nails, whether of the hands or feet, may indicate and betray features of our character. For this reason we have to get them always beautiful and manicured in every realm of our personal and professional life.

A service availiable for the woman and the man which undoubtedly improves the aesthetics and hygiene.

The procedure is done methodically in compliance with relevant legislation using sterile tools and the most reliable and safe products of the market.

Differnts colors and wonderful designs are going to change instantly your image and the state of mood!

Especially for the women, we provide with the possibility of artificial nails that consists of:

  • Gel in natural enhancemen
  • Gel with tips
  • Gel with form
  • Neil art technique and more!!!

We are looking forward to grooming you from the top to the bottom!!!

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